A Message of Hope to People That Are Suffering

During the Q&A portion of Dr Peterson’s Beyond Order Tour, a veteran asks him how to cope with PTSD. His answer will hopefully help anyone struggling with PTSD.

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36 thoughts on “A Message of Hope to People That Are Suffering

  1. Jordon I’m a 63 year old female RN. On Feb 1 I was assaulted at my place of employment 5 weeks later I was scheduled for a hip replacement . Long story short I needed 2 more surgeries due to infection. I’m still dealing with hearings on the assault and that will not be completed until Aug 24. I’m also dealing with the long process of WSIB appeal. I no longer want to live but doubt that I would commit suicide so I’m considering MAID even though part of my torment is due to government policies and what’s happening to the great ppl of the world .I see no hope no future other that fighting institutions.The only reason I’m still here is my pets that I adore and they need me. No human needs me , just these guys.

  2. I am sorry Jordan. You are more experienced. You are smarter.
    I had psydzophernia. Everything I saw on tv bad and tourcering came to me like hey! You missed me. I Thought thought until I can feel as evil inside as it was outside. Then. Now I am a person who I don't want to show anyone from inside.
    What's your advice.

  3. Such arrogance , your pile of useless words can't help anyone. What makes you think your important enough that you can solve misery with words

  4. Thank you Jordan Peterson, your work has helped me and I pray will help my youngest son suffering DEEP CPTSD for over 3 yrs now, he is in TOTAL ISOLATION & STARVING himself!!
    In DEEP gratitude for you which gives this Mama HOPE!!!🙏🏻💝🙏🏻💝🙏🏻

  5. My complex PTSD started with my father, who repeatedly beat me, shamed me, abandoned me, and sexually assaulted me. Then, it was my mother's turn, where, she continually shamed and ridiculed me, and later, abandoned me, disowning me in a court of law. And all throughout, my sister took her turn, where, for years, she bullied me, shamed me, and physically assaulted me.

    I have since, found healing, freedom and victory, in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise God!

  6. Guys, when you get tired of trying all the useless tools Jordan is talking about, go to God: The Ultimate Source of healing. Pray for help.
    When all the atheistic attempts fail to fulfill their promise, God is there waiting to save your soul without asking anything in return.

  7. The part about philosophy of evil reminds me of "People doomed people to this fate" – the motto for a Polish book "Medallions" by Zofia Nałkowska. After WW2 she was a member of a committee researching and documenting German atrocities in occupied Poland. "Medallions" is a collection of short stories, each story recounting a person's experience of German oppression, all written in a documentary, detached style. The English translation of the motto sounds good but is a bit inaccurate. A more literal translation would be "People prepared this fate for people". The book is often read and discussed as a part of our high school curriculum and this haunting motto is ever-present, engraved on memorials and repeated during WW2 commemorations. I remember my grandma explaining it to me as a kid. Polish people as a whole experienced so much malevolence that it looks like we have this sorted on a collective level.

  8. ❤ thank you Dr peterson and the gentleman asking you about ptsd , I wish you both both well and much peace and love . I agree you can knit or glue yourself back together and begin to heal with this self exploration.

  9. that explains very well how I overcame my life time fear of darkness and ghost by exposing myself in the darkness and watching horror movies everyday. Now I don't need a lights on to sleep any more and in a complete darkness I can walk around without fear. Now whenever there's fear I face directly and I fixed several issues in me. Be strong and we have strength inside to heal. Bless you!

  10. Such carefully conveyed wisdom. Incredible mind. I laot you for a while when you and your own issues with benzos but blimey are you back. Congratulations. It is so good to hear your views again. Thankyou and keep well 😊🙏

  11. Yeah, I hear you Daddy Peterson. Universalized malevolence is tangible when you're LGBT. We live in ongoing trauma from the society we are a part of so it's not in the past for us. It's ongoing and constant. How do we get a sense of safety and control in such a system? Should we hide in our homes? Should we protest? Should we get violent? What should we do to stop the ongoing trauma that other people subject us to on the daily? What can we do?

  12. I'm a peasant from Peasantry. All that I own, even my thatched-roof cottage, is completely burninated. Thank you, Jordan Peterson, for inspiring me to confront the dragon that burninated me — Trogdor.

  13. I wish there were more doctors like JP. There are certain people who cannot escape their traumas (like incurable disease) and it ends up causing the equivalent neurologically of being in a warzone no matter how hard you try to adjust your worldview. I have been suffering with extreme trauma for 10 years and have developed a type of amnesia around PTSD subject matter where I cannot remember any of the past to bring it up to address it. I've tried many things but my brain outsmarts me. lol. Only a sophisticated specialized therapist could untangle this and there aren't enough of them accessible. I worry what will happen to me as I age alone and forget who I am as my cognition deteriorates.

  14. I always explain ptsd through fears other people have; imagine you want to go to sleep, but then you see a huge black spider walking on the ceiling towards your bed. Could you sleep? Or would you kill/remove the spider? Imagine the moment you see it walking and your brain switches from sleepy to ‘shit if have to do something, this situation needs handling!’. It’s like that, but 24/7, that’s why we are agitated and that’s why we sometimes are out of line. You feel like you are fighting for dear life all the fucking time. It’s brutal.

  15. God bless you Jordan, youre a gift from God. Spreading the word that assists people to rise up to their potential that advances mankind in a meaningful way. Thank you