Hulk’s Costumes in Marvel’s Avengers: A Concise Overview

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An overview of Hulk’s different outfits in Marvel’s Avengers.
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33 thoughts on “Hulk’s Costumes in Marvel’s Avengers: A Concise Overview

  1. You actually took words right out of my mouth, no other media outside of the comics has perfected Hulk's body structure, BESIDES the 2008 film, which had always been my favorite Hulk model! Also, because I'm a purist AND a Professor Hulk fan, World-Breaker Hulk has the BEST pants design in the game!

  2. I've watched a few of these now and overall you make some decent points on some, but where recolours or light alterations exist, you complain too much, and sure some things may deviate on the recolours and not be exact, but in the industry when there's no time to work on games, and less time for the artists to produce things like skins, these extras for the players that might want it, are just a great extra. For example the tribal skin Hulks, sure not entirely accurate to anything and they are all using the same base, but give the players the freedom to pick if they want, it's a nice extra, and they would take an artist probably a day to make all 4 tribal variants, instead of remodelling and spending weeks on a whole new Hulk. Where they deviate wildly from source material and charge for those skins, sure, worth a complaint, but on the smaller things, or those niche references that 95% of the fan base will never get, they're not worth critiquing so much, these games are made for profit and mass appeal, a true die-hard comic fan is a small voice among the community and there's just no way games can be made for such a small audience at these scales and quality.

  3. I think the Iconic Hulk look doesn’t look flabby and looks like a peak body builder build. Looking at the strongest man in the world he’s literally a HUGE. Plus when you look at the Hulks back in the game it’s SUPER defined.

  4. Looks like Youtube removed my pinned comment cuz it had a link in it 🙁
    Nevermind, it's back! Unpinning this one😜
    I guess I'll use this one to address some of the stuff I've seen in the comments:

    Broken's physique: Several people have said that the discolored skin Hulk has for that skin is supposed to be a sign of Hulk and Banner either merging together, or the two of them fighting over control of the body. Ignoring the fact that these two explanations are completely contradictory, I did not get that from the game AT ALL. It's been a while since I played it (and I can't be bothered to google it), but I believe that the story flat out states that after the A-Day hearings Bruce turns into the Hulk remains as such for the rest of the 5 year time skip. So I thought that with Hulk firmly in control, Banner became a non-factor for that period of time. Though when Kamala shows up, Bruce turns back to himself fairly easily. After this point, Bruce is able to transform into the Hulk and back with (what seems to be) no real difficulty. So I never interpreted the skin to mean that there was some sort of internal struggle within Bruce because there never seemed to be any. I also didn't interpret it as them becoming one either, since what does that even mean? Wouldn't the two joining together make them stronger? Not weaker?
    Also I didn't notice that his left side is smaller than his right. I get what they were probably going for, but it makes it look like he spent the last 5 years doing a lot of… you know…

    Hulkbuster: Some people have said that my Hulkbuster skin suggestion wouldn't work since Iron Man's Ultimate is the Hulkbuster. I was aware of Iron Man's Ultimate, which is why I suggested using either the comic version or the one from Infinity War. At no point in the video did I suggest re-using the Hulkbuster model that was already in the game. I think this comes from a misconception people have that there is only 1 version of the Hulkbuster suit, which is plainly incorrect.

    Hulks general physique: Some people have complained that I was incorrect in saying that Hulk should be insanely muscular because he didn't look like that in his earlier appearances. This is just a matter of getting hung up on technicalities. He did look like that in the earlier comics, I even used pictures from those earlier comics for some of the comparisons. HOWEVER, he hasn't looked like that in a long time for a reason. Because it doesn't look as good. Clearly I was referring to the main appearance Hulk has had in recent works, not the stuff from way back when. My error was not fully explaining that I prefer him to look stupidly muscular like how he is in his more modern appearances.

    Well, I think that's it. Might add to this if more stuff comes up. Thanks for all your comments, they're always a joy to read even if I disagree with them😊

  5. ı didn't check to see anybody wrote it before but the broken hulk's left side is less developed. that bothered me while playing and had to mention it. (also i have no idea what crystal dynamics was insinuating with that to begin with)

  6. I've been watching most of your costume videos from this game now, spider man, iron man, captain america and now the hulk..

    I'll give you one criticism, you need to learn how to talk faster.. Because these videos could be like ~ 20 minutes long if you just spoke a bit faster and just mentioned the interesting details. Cuz i need to watch them all at 1.5x speed.

  7. Crystal Dynamics' character designers feel like they're utterly incapable of leaving any good design alone.
    If something is even halfway popular, they'll slap a bunch of random lines on the costume, or just randomly change a detail for no reason. It's infuriating.

  8. 28:46 That argument doesn't even hold up in game, since you can have Iron Man use his Ultimate Heroic and send out his Hulkbuster to have Hulk pilot it. He even gets a unique animation when he equips it.

  9. This is the only of your videos I'd have to disagree with physique argument, Hulk actually looks massive and like a total power house, I think the strongman look actually suits him very well and helps to show his more monstruous nature compared to the bodybuilder looking dudes like Thor, the only thnig I think I would add is some more more bulging veins to further sell the monster look.

  10. all i get out of most of these videos is "waaaahh i dont like how realistic the characters look" when thats the whole point, and "wahhh they did not do it the way i like it so its bad!" dude as you said it takes time and money to make these skins and since the game did so shit they did the bare minimum to just pump some content out there.