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After Red Hood’s team got unceremonially disbanded due to comic circumstances, he changes his design to be even more rugged, being even more low tech than he was before. With a bigger venue means the stakes are higher, allowing for more elaborate cosplay. Even though the focus is still on Harley, it’s shifted to the gang that are supposed to live up to her name.

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I know, I know, a lot of you probably completely despise cosplay and costumes and think it’s only the kind of thing geeky nerds would do and I’m sure you’re absolutely sure you’re better than anyone who would ever express their fandom this way, and if that’s the case skip this post and move on. That being said, for those folks who can appreciate the time and effort and passion that anyone who puts together a costume for their favorite fandom, whether it’s because they’re headed to an anime convention, ComicCon, or in this case, Blizzcon, venom halloween costume take a look at the video of the finalists in this year’s Blizzcon costume contest!